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In 2018 I ended my “professional career” and decided to do something with my life that held value. I was working for an oil company and saw first hand the effects of the oil industry, and how devastating it is to our planet. I will never go back to that life and will fight to combat climate change and to help in the preservation of our planet. As time passed by I could feel my youth, creativity, and sense of adventure slipping away. The only cure for my restlessness lay in the mountains of Colorado. In 2018 I went on a bike-packing trip with my friend Andrew Sayers over Kokomo Pass, Colorado, to help him prepare for the CT Race. I documented the trip and the result was a great story and a set of pretty good photos. I found my passions, photography and adventures. I was working 100 hour weeks, most of which spent daydreaming about epic adventures. I was driving multiple hours into the mountains every chance I got and would sit at the Berthoud Pass warming hut asking random people if i could join their group and take photos of them skiing. My gas bill was burning a hole in my bank account and the time spent traveling was brutal. My girlfriend and I finally decided to pack up and head to Breckenridge, I had decided to commit to photography and figure the rest out later. I am a passionate photographer who loves to backcountry ski and ride mountain bikes. I am also vehement about protecting the environment and focus on having #zerocarbonadventures. I use my photography as a tool to convey the truth of a moment and am available for expeditions worldwide.


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