4th of July Bowl #007

Each morning and evening I walk onto my porch and stare at Peak Ten. Peak Ten sits at the Elevation13,633′. The mountain is located adjacent to the Breckenridge Ski resort and resides in the 10 mile range. We decide to meet at the ice rink in Breckenridge and drive as far up the mountain as possible via the Breckenridge mountain road (forest service road). We arrive at the gate at 7:00 am and put on our tennis shoes! strap our skis to our back and begin our hike up. Approx 3 miles to the summit. I hope you all enjoy this journal entry, Its mostly photos!

Get outside and enjoy the summer - unless you want to keep spring skiing!

Here are all the photos.

Skiing in the summer time is the best. Shorts and sunshine. The temperature started at 53 deg and stayed below 60 the entire trip. We walked and talked and crossed little snow fields got our feet wet a couple of times but push on. The views from the hike were fantastic filled with mountain top vistas and wildflowers.

The path to the top is well defined and you hike a road all the way till you reach the ridge line above the 4th of July bowl.


The bowl is steep at the top but lessens as you descend approx. 25 deg. The snow is great at the top and as you descend the sun cups get progressively larger. We chose a great time in the day when the snow has just softend up enough to throughly enjoy the descent and hey! who can complain about snow quality on JULY 13!

The wildflowers are in full bloom now and they sure are pretty. Seeing all the snow thats still in the alpine is memorizing. I mean its middle of July and the Gore range, as pictured in the background, on the photo below is covered in snow still.


We make nice turns down the 4th of July bowl, happy to be skiing still.

This trip was freaking fun! now off to get some tacos and bevy’s. Stay tuned for more adventures this summer. Bikepacking next ;)

Jake Gasaway